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FaxSIPit, a pioneer in fax communications for over 34 years, offers innovative white-label hosted fax services. With a robust telephony network, dedicated to fax, we ensure scalability, reliability, and seamless integrations. Our range of solutions, including dedicated fax devices, and virtual fax services, enhance secure information exchange. Document management integration is effortless, and 24/7 monitoring with automatic intelligent retry guarantees worry-free fax delivery. Help your clients experience efficient, secure, and cost conscious fax communications.

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faxsipit stories

Sarah's Secure Journey: How Faxsipit Transforms Finance Communication

Hey there, I'm Sarah! 🌟 Let me take you on a little journey through my world – the world of finance. It's a whirlwind of numbers, critical decisions, and, of course, communication challenges. But guess what? I've stumbled upon something that's changing the game for me and my fellow financial professionals. It's called Faxsipit, and trust me, it's been a game-changer in the way we handle financial data, security, and everything in between.A Day in My Financial LifePicture this: a bustling finance office, clients coming and going, phones ringing, and crucial financial transactions happening all around. As a financial manager, my day is a juggling act of managing portfolios, assisting clients, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. But there's one aspect that always had me on edge – data security.

Sarah's Secure Journey: How Faxsipit Transforms Retail Communication

The Communication Conundrum

You see, in retail, communication is key. Whether it's coordinating with suppliers, sending orders to vendors, or sharing confidential customer information, communication is the glue that holds it all together. But here's the catch – data security is a constant concern. We deal with sensitive information like payment details and customer records, and any slip-up could spell disaster.

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Faxsipit stories

Empowering nurse michelle: A Secure Fax Solution for Healthcare

Hey, I'm Michelle, and I'm about to take you on a journey through the world of modern healthcare – a world where technology and innovation are reshaping the way we practice medicine. Get ready to discover how Faxsipit, powered by the groundbreaking SecureFax-ATA technology, is transforming the healthcare landscape and delivering a secure, compliant, and seamless communication solution.

Introducing Faxsipit
Enter Faxsipit, a name that's making waves in the healthcare arena. Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this gem. It's not just a communication solution; it's a shield of security that safeguards patient data, ensuring it remains out of reach from unauthorized access.

Empowering Nurse Michelle: A Secure Fax Solution for Healthcare

Healthcare is global, and Faxsipit knows no boundaries. Imagine this: whether I'm in my office, attending a medical conference, or on-call at the hospital, Faxsipit empowers me to transmit patient information securely from any corner of the world. Compliance remains unwavering, and patient privacy remains intact – it's like having a personal secure medical communication hub right in my pocket.

Effortless Integration into Medical Workflows
Now, imagine a communication solution that seamlessly weaves into my medical workflows. With Faxsipit, I can channel my energy into patient care, knowing that the sensitive data I exchange is safe and secure. No more sleepless nights over data breaches or lost transmissions – it's like having a communication ally that ensures my medical exchanges are seamless and secure.

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faxsipit stories

Amir's Secure Expedition: How Faxsipit Revolutionizes Educational Communication

Greetings, I'm Amir! 🌟 Allow me to guide you through the intriguing world of education. It's a dynamic landscape teeming with inquisitive students, devoted educators, and a perpetual exchange of knowledge. I'm excited to introduce you to something that's reshaping the way we handle educational data and communication within the education sector. It's known as Faxsipit, and I assure you, it's been a game-changer.

A Day in Amir's Educational Realm

Envision a bustling educational institution, students fully immersed in learning, teachers nurturing young minds, and administrators orchestrating the intricate tapestry of education. As an educational manager, my day is a careful blend of overseeing staff, supporting students, and ensuring the seamless operation of our educational institution. Nevertheless, one concern has consistently nagged at the back of my mind – data security.

Amir's Construction Odyssey: Faxsipit and SecureFax-ATA Leading the Way

Financial considerations are a constant in construction. While secure communication solutions often come with hefty price tags, Faxsipit introduces a breath of fresh air. It's a budget-conscious option that doesn't compromise on security. Imagine attaining top-tier protection without straining your resources.

Seamless Integration: Disruption-Free
Embracing change in construction can be a challenge, yet Faxsipit's seamless integration into my established routines eradicates any apprehensions. No disruptions, no steep learning curves – just heightened security and efficiency. It's like upgrading my construction toolkit without missing a beat.

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meet with sarah
working in finance

content by Lucas Matney
Photo By Sahand Hoseini — Unsplash

working in healthcare

content by Lucas Matney
Photo By Sahand Hoseini — Unsplash

Meet with amir
working in education

content by Lucas Matney
Photo By Sahand Hoseini — Unsplash
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To deliver your customer better results and a new revenue stream for you.


TLS/HTTPS Fax transport you can count on, backed by critical information delivery and a commitment to real time scalable fax communications.


Safeguard your clients sensitive faxes, help them ensure regulatory compliance, and enjoy enhanced security with dependable TLS/HTTPS protection.

Cloud based

Optimize efficiency and cut costs with our solutions, featuring white-labeled options, all expertly managed for your convenience.


Affordable and efficient solutions that save you time and money, while ensuring maximum value for you and your clients.


Freedom is the key

Every account setup is simple and stress free. With all our FaxSIPit services there is no need for expensive equipment and no complex installations – our virtual service is a hosted white label – we make it yours.As the business world moves towards unified communications, FaxSIPit pushes the platform for more flexibility, freedom, productivity by providing efficiency and ease of use.



Receive to Fax. Receive to Email. Receive to Both.

Every account setup is simple and stress free. With all our FaxSIPit services there is no need for expensive equipment, no complex installations and extremely simple provisioning. With our FaxSIPit hosted white label portal, you set up your customer and install one of our NEW TLS ATA. It’s a hassle-free and quick deployment. No more frustrated customers or failed faxes due to Jitter or Packet loss.


At FaxSIPit, we recognise that Fax is critical to many businesses and organizations. We provide your customers with a reliable and affordable fax solution that works; wherever and whenever. Our secure platform ensures swift confidential communication, propelling your business forward.

Industries we work with


In healthcare, safeguarding patient information is paramount. FaxSIPIt provides cutting-edge encrypted fax services that  ensure strict healthcare regulation compliance. This enables healthcare providers to seamlessly exchange patient records and medical reports etc. thereby enhancing care coordination through a secure and efficient document communication platform.


Pressure is increasing for financial institutes to address evolving regulations and security threats to the privacy of client data. Meeting these expectations require fax solutions that improve customer service operations and ensure compliance, mitigate risk with encrypted information exchange.


Educational institutions collect and maintain vast amounts of student data to support educational services. As a FaxSIPit Reseller, you offer education IT support teams a secure FAXING solution that complies with FERPA and PPRA, helping safeguard student records and data against threats like Ransomware.


In the transportation sector, security is paramount. FaxSipIt offers advanced virtual fax services with encrypted transfers, ensuring compliance and seamless document exchange for enhanced efficiency.


Retail dynamics demand secure communication. FaxSipIt ensures the secure transmission of retail data through encrypted fax services, aligning with industry regulations. Retailers can easily exchange vital documents like inventory updates and sales analytics, streamlining communication within the retail sector.


Fax is crucial for secure document transmission. As a Reseller of FaxSIPit's SecureFax Services, you can provide a simple, secure, and compliant fax solution for insurance clients and their agents, ensuring data privacy and reliability.

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