Fax Delivery While ATA Offline

Fax Delivery While ATA Offline
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The regular result of an ATA losing power or internet connectivity is that inbound calls to its DID would not connect – a busy signal or voice error that the line is not reachable would be received.

The FaxSIPit user management portal features an additional delivery option that you can choose to extend as an additional benefit to your end users.

With the ‘Deliver fax when ATA if offline’ option (pictured below) in place any inbound calls to the DID would complete. Faxes would be received into our network and queued for delivery (up to 14 days) to the ATA once it comes back online in the fax network.

While some end-users may not be able to take advantage due to varying compliance requirements or their own personal preference, many find it a very useful feature to still be receiving inbound faxes despite an internet and/or power interruption.

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